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Menschheitsdämmerung. Kunst in Umbruchzeiten

Menschheitsdämmerung. Kunst in Umbruchzeiten

19.10.2023 - 18.02.2024
Kunstmuseum Bonn

Oktober 2023

Die Familie Begas – Eine Dynastie erleben
Dauerausstellung mit Skulptur, Malerei und Grafik der Künstlerfamilie Begas
01.01.2022 - 31.01.2024
Begas Haus
Di-Sa 14-17, So 11-17 h
Hochstraße 21, 52525 Heinsberg
Informationen zur Barrierefreiheit

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  • Behindertenparkplatz
  • Ebenerdiger Eingang
  • Assistenzhunde sind erlaubt
  • Fahrstuhl für Rollstuhl zugänglich
  • Barrierfrei zugängliches Cafe
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  • Behindertengerechte Toilette
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The BEGAS HAUS presents its collections in a historic building ensemble from the 16th to 18th centuries. One focus of the barrier-free themed tour is the nation`s largest collection of paintings, sculptures and graphics by the Begas family of artists from Heinsberg, which has been active for four generations.

There are two designated disabled parking spaces directly in front of the house (Hochstrasse 20/21).

The house is conditionally barrier-free. Access to and visits to all exhibition areas is guaranteed via an elevator that can be reached from the outside and via lifting devices.

A barrier-free toilet is located in the neighboring Café Samocca.

Audio guides and magnifying glasses are available, folding chairs and folding stools can be borrowed.

Listening stations are wheelchair accessible, tables are wheelchair accessible.

Assistance dogs are allowed.
There are two designated disabled parking spaces directly in front of the house (Hochstrasse 20/21).
Access is level and stepless.
Guide dogs and therapy dogs are allowed.
The elevator is suitable for wheelchairs. A lift is available for transitions with steps so that access to all exhibition areas is guaranteed. The door widths in the house are suitable for wheelchair users. The listening stations in the building can be accessed/operated by wheelchairs.
The museum café SAMOCCA is a facility of the Lebenshilfe Heinsberg e.V. and is located right next to the Begas house. Access is level and stepless. The tables are wheelchair accessible. A wheelchair-accessible toilet on the 1st floor is accessible via the terrace of the café.
Es werden Führungen in leichter Sprache angeboten.
Folding stools can be laid out.

Since 2019, courses and workshops for all target groups have been offered in a separate, barrier-free studio under the Kunst Aktiv label. Contact: email: kunst-aktiv@begas-haus.de, phone: +49 2452 97769-20
Audio guides are available in German and English via your own smartphone
We would be pleased if you would correct this information.
A barrier-free toilet is located in the neighboring Café Samocca.

Susanne Storch15.10.2023 - 12.11.2023
Kunstverein Region Heinsberg
Sa 15-18, So 11-17 h u.n.V.
Horster Hof 1, 52525 Heinsberg