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12.11.2023 - 18.02.2024
Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl
Di-Fr 11-17, Sa/So 11-18 h
Georg-Herwegh-Straße 63-67, 45772 Marl

With the end of the exhibitions in the glass box on Creiler Platz, symbolized by the light installation by Mischa Kuball at the beginning of 2022, and the move out of the town hall, the exhibition program of the sculpture museum at the Martin Luther King School in Marl- Hüls continued in a new form. Five former classrooms on the ground floor were renovated for the temporary museum and, with their large window front, are reminiscent of the basic concept of the greatest possible openness of the former glass case. The exhibition program of the new location, which began with the exhibition "Christian Odzuck - A piece of marl", will focus on young positions in contemporary art in the coming years. It is supplemented by artistic interventions in the Hüls district, which expand the rich inventory of sculptures in the public space of the city of Marl in an interdisciplinary manner.

Information on the accessibility of the new location and on inclusive mediation offers can be found here:
Sculpture Museum Glaskasten Marl
Creil place
45765 Marl
Tel. 02365 / 99-2257
Email: sculpturalmuseum@marl.de