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Dorothea von Stetten Kunstpreis 2020: Junge Kunst aus der Schweiz

Dorothea von Stetten Kunstpreis 2020: Junge Kunst aus der Schweiz

15.01. - 25.04.2021
Kunstmuseum Bonn

März 2021

Stephan Siebers - Cubes and Layerings
Arbeiten aus den letzten 20 Jahren
18.04.2021 - 09.05.2021
Brühler Kunstverein
Mi-So 15-17 h während der Ausstellungen
Clemens-August-Straße 24, 50321 Brühl

In his creative work Stephan Siebers, a native of Cologne, experiments with the possibilities of illusion connected with the laws of gravity. In ever new variations he surprises with seemingly impossible balances between volume and mass. Cubes, spheres and other shapes stand solidly on top of each other, even though they appear to fall, whilst motions are separated from time. The simplicity of his objects nearly make one forget the weight of the material. One source of inspiration of the artist are the esthetics of Bauhaus. Another are the minimalistic sculptors of the 1960s, like Richard Serra, Sol LeWitt, and Anthony Caro. Those artists directed their focus on industrial materials, unconventional for that time period, to accentuate the physical properties of their art. Siebers internalizes their spiritual inheritance and also selects materials, that enable him to create sculptures with a certain imbalance. Notwithstanding size, if small or several meters in height, the result is the same: Structuring their space, these balancing acts, exhibit a high measure of sustained internal tension, whilst radiating a peaceful emotion at the same time.

Ill.: Stephan Siebers, Layering VII, 2021, Steel patinated, 34x19x8cm, Foto © Siebers 2021

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